Biking in Japan

Wonder what it is like riding a bicycle around Japan? Well it is actually much more fun than people usually think. The same rules you have in your country when riding bicycles does not necessarily mean the same set of rules apply when riding a bicycle in Japan. In fact, here are the different sets of rules you can learn, apply, and not apply. Let us begin.

First thing you need to have is a bicycle (of course), a bell ringer (Ding! Ding!), and good old fashioned common sense.

In Japan most of the sidewalks can be biked on. No, I am not kidding you. In fact, people in Japan are so used to this that hearing the sound Ding! Ding! Automatically creates a pathway for you in a sidewalk of people. If you would not believe me, then you must have not seen this video à titled “Trolling people with a bike bell”, this is one of those funny videos out there plus it has an amazingly nice piece of information you realize on while watching it.



The actual rule is actually this; children under 12 can ride their bicycles on sidewalks. For the adults whoever they stay on the road unless the road poses any danger of causing accidents. You may have guessed it already but people do not really follow these rules and ride on the sidewalks anyway. I think it has been going on for so long that people are actually unaware there are rules like these. Interesting right?

How about taking the train after you biked there? Well in this case you might have to park your bike outside specially when it is rush hour. If you have to bring your bicycle along, try to make it a folding bicycle so people would not have to suffer so much for your stubbornness.

Another interesting thing about being in Japan and riding your bicycle is that parking for your bicycle is practically everywhere. The place to put your bicycle is so abundant that it is unlikely to not have a place to lock your bicycle onto. And speaking of locking your bicycle, people in Japan usually do not need to since nobody really cares; if you are unlucky whoever and your bicycle was stolen by a bicycle thief then man, you are one of the rare victims of having a missing bicycle due to a crime.