Daihatsu Brief History




The Japanese car industry has proven to be a dominant competitor amongst the car manufacturers of the world. With a great line of history that dates back centuries, it does not come as a surprise at all that the world has gotten to know and even put Japanese car brands as their choice car. One of their brand names that have been around for some time is worth the time to be noted. This brand is called Daihatsu and their history is worth some time to read. Daihatsu is a brand that has been around for a century already, that means it has been around a bit longer than Honda (1948) and a lot longer than Toyota who has recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Although Daihatsu had been around far longer, the name is not exactly as well known as other car manufacturing companies because it is part of a different sector in the car industry. Daihatsu did not always use the name Daihatsu, in fact it was in the year 1951 that it used the name Daihatsu Motor Co. instead of itsoriginal name Hatsudoki Seizo Company. The company started making 3 wheeled vehicles before it moved on to 4 wheels. Daihatsu is known to be a brand that puts out small sized vehicles and all this for a good reason – to dominate in the small car industry sector. Pretty smart actually. And with the booming need for smaller compact cars in the world that gets tighter, I think Daihatsu is on its way to being a super company anytime soon. Daihatsu was also the first Japanese car producer to reach the western world through their Compagno model which is already a classic car design of today. Particularly because of the sizes of vehicles Daihatsu produces that it has been a success and well received brand in the car industry with the increasing demand for cars who consider compactness over having the average size. Although in recent years with the changing demand of society Daihatsu has increased the sizes of their cars but still keep close to their beliefs and design.



image from zeroto60times.com