Daihatsu DR Estate Concept Car

Just late last year Daihatsu has revealed its new concept car, the Daihatsu DR Estate. The car itself has created a lot of debate on how much of a car that cries love it or hate it. I personally say love it then again not everyone would say the same for this adorable concept car. Looking at only how it looks, I would say the front is probably the most shocking characteristic this car has. With the head lights looking like something that came from an anime inspired design. It has two doors on the sides and one at the back making this a 3 door small car that says it is a no fuss quick getaway car. Another great characteristic the Daihatsu DR Estate has is that black roof it sports that makes this car not only one adorable car but also makes it looks like a roadster – quite a big plus if you ask me. One reason this is so is also because of the fact that the DR Estate is actually fro m a design concept from the roadster model of Daihatsu. Their motto speaks in tandem with tha car – that the DR Estate is a little bit of everything. The designers who had created the DR Estate also played on the colors you can see in this car; colors in one of their color concepts include pale pink, bright yellow, and black for the roof with very good contrasts and nice positioning on the attributes,they succeeded in creating a good staging of the Daihatsu DR Estate. And now we look into the interior of the DR Estate because that is where we get down to business. With the interior Daihatsu has yet again proved that they are the top choice for small car makers because the interior happens to be a great complementary part of the car itself.  The model Daihatsu has given us is a great car for people with adventurous and simple lifestyles – and they have certainly made it a reality with the adorable looking Daihatsu DR Estate with its interior and exterior attributes.


image from automobilesreview.com

image from paultan.org