Japanese Cars vs European Cars

The Japanese and the European are perhaps the best car manufacturers in the world. They are not limited to their own respective countries or region but they expand worldwide, making their car brand very popular and sought after. If you are planning to buy a car soon and you’re torn between a European car and a Japanese car, then this article is perfect for you!

Choosing the better one between a Japanese car and a European made car is not an easy task to do. Actually, no one can really prove which one is better. It always depends on the preference of the user, as well as the requirements needed.

The first thing you need to do before opting for either a Japanese or a European car is to decide on what your preference is. Do you want a luxury car? Do you want a sporty car? Or do you want a mix of both? You should also ponder on whether you will be opting for the top of the line, the middle class, or the most budget car available.

Next, you should consider your budget. Almost everyone dreams of a luxury car such as a Mercedes Benz or a BMW. But sometimes, we can only afford a cheaper one like a Toyota or a Honda. Some will also prefer a luxury car that is Japanese made such as a Lexus or an Acura. Again, it all depends on you since you will be the one using it. This is only a guide that will help you decide, not manipulate you.

BMW is a European Car

BMW is a European Car



Consumer Reports does extensive testing on almost every new make and model vehicle that is released or manufactured every year. Much of this testing involves how a vehicle handles and performs on a wide variety of road conditions and in different scenarios. In recent years, Consumer Reports testing has revealed that European manufacturers make some of the best handling and performing vehicles available. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz are the most recommended.


On the other end of the spectrum is how reliable a vehicle this. While European vehicles certainly usually offer more in terms of acceleration, handling, performance and steering – they often fall short in terms of reliability of the mark set by Japanese made vehicles. Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Toyota are almost legendary for creating some of the most reliable vehicles on the road.

Reliable car manufacturing is not exclusive to Honda and Toyota. Fellow Japanese car manufacturers Isuzu, Nissan and Mazda also manufacture highly rated vehicles in terms of reliability.

Nissan Skyline is a Japanese car that is expensive

Nissan Skyline is a Japanese car that is expensive

American cars can also be considered. Mostly are muscle cars that were made famous by popular American actor Vin Diesel in the movie series Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, American cars are well behind European and Japanese cars. This is not an effect of the American economy nor the issue on US Comfort Women.

In my opinion, it is just that performance, reliability and cost are the most important things to consider when buying a car. And unfortunately, American made cars rarely go on top of these categories.

Image from Jalopink