Japanese Rail Way Passes for Dummies

Using Japan Rail Pass, also known as JR Passes, is one of the most useful and handy method of traveling. It is definitely a must-have for all kinds of travellers who use the railway on a regular basis. The Japan Rail Pass is quite complicated and there are a few things that need to be understood such as fares and fees that would determine the type of JR ticket is most suitable for an individual. This is because there is more than one kind of JR ticket.

The most basic think to learn is the fares and fees. First is that there is a Base Fare which is the most basic cost that it would take between two different stations. It is highly dependent on the distance between the entrance and exit station of the buses. Another type to remember wold be the Limited Express Fee it is paid in addition to the base fair should the individual wish to use the express train and the bullet train. These kinds of transport cost more than a regular railway. There is also such a thing as a Green Car Fee which means that the individual would prefer the most convenient means of travel and get special seats. A green car can connote first class seating and using them would have additional costs on top of the base fare. If an individual does not want to use the green car but still wants to get sure seats, there is such a thing as Seat Reservation Fee where an individual fee would be paid for the reservation of a seat.  Both the green car fee and seat reservation fee are most useful in non-city lines that travel long distances beyond a particular city. There is also an Entering-the-Station Fee where relatives and loved ones can pay if they would want to wait on the platform or to get to the other side of a large station complex.

Aside from the fares and the fees, the other important aspect to remember about JR tickets would be the areas. There are different kinds of JR tickets intended for different areas in Japan. There are Japan rail passes intended for foreign travellers, which are mostly discounted and offered by travel agencies. There are also JR East and JR West passes that can only be used in their designated regions. There are three other kinds of JR passes which varies because they are found in different parts of Japan like Hokkaido and Shikoku.

Kinds of JR passes per location

image by Japan-guide