Japan’s Public Transport

Japan has a modern and highly developed transportation sector which stands out because of its minimal energy consumption. Ranging from bikes to trains, Japan’s public transport has been up to date when it comes to technology.

Japan’s major transport is by train. This is one of the transportation in Japan which is used by many people and is also one of the fastest way to get around the country. Many regions in Japan are interconnected via subways. This has made travelling come at an ease. Japan is also known to have the fastest trains. These trains can reach to up to 320km/h. In addition to that, given that these trains travel at high speeds, they are also known to be punctual. According to studies, the train’s average delay is 6 seconds.


Since Japan is an island nation, another public transport is via boat. They are many ferry services which get you between islands and ports. Travelling by a boat is also fun since you will be able to see other parts of Japan that you might have missed when travelling by land.

Another option is via car. In Japan, there are many ways for you to drive around. One way is by renting a car. But when you rent a car, you need to have a either an international driver’s license or a Japanese license. You also have to put in mind that the Japanese drive in the left. One good thing is that road signs are also written in English. This makes driving around easy. Another way of travelling using a car is via taxi. The taxi’s in Japan comes in the many and of course, are completely safe. Taxis in Japan are expensive. Aside from that, only a few Japanese taxi drivers understand English. You also have to remember that taxi doors open automatically.

There are many buses in Japan which offers intercity and long distance routes. For long distance routes they travel overnight. Bus companies also make sure that the comfort of their passengers do not get compromised which is why they offer more leg room.

They are many other ways to travel in Japan. Regardless of your means of transportation, always remember to follow rules which is regulated by the government. Aside from that, always remember to have fun while travelling. Remember, the only way to fully see the beauty of a country is by travelling around it.

Image by: eslhitchhiker


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