Shinkansen Bullet Train

Japan has been known to be one of the most technologically-advanced countries. Japan has revolutionized the way people live their lives with their technological capabilities. From video games to robots, the country has proven its capability in dominating the stage of technology.

In order to fully harness their edge, Japan has invented yet again a technological marvel which is the Chuo Shinkansen Bullet Train. Estimated to be the world’s fastest magnetic-levitation train or MAGLEV, the said train will be ready by 2027. Travelling at a speed of up to 500 km/h the Chuo Shinkansen Bullet Train holds the speed record for train systems. The technology shows that the train is floating from its tracks giving the passengers a very quiet and smooth ride even at high-speeds. The technology works by lifting the train physically off the tracks in order to achieve a friction-less ride. With the train floating from its tracks, it will be never affected by any kind of adverse weather resulting to its slowing down. A good example would be loose rocks, leafs or even snow.

The economics in building such marvel is very different from the usual wheel and axel type of train. Constructing a train system using the conventional way would entail a lower cost during early stages of construction but due to the fast wear and tear of both the wheels and tracks of the system, maintenance would be costly. As for the MAGLEV system, it may cost more during the early stages of construction but due to it being a friction-less ride, wearing and tearing are less likely to take place thus requiring minimal maintenance, lowering ongoing costs. The train’s route would be spanning from Tokyo to Nagoya, ending in Osaka. Completing the said route will take an hour or less. The only disadvantage of this train system would be its cost since aside from what was stated, existing bullet train systems offer a very high ticket price to its customers.

But with the fast-paced life in Japan, the bullet train is believed to be essential as it doesn’t only cut travel time but through it, travelling is made more convenient. This is one thing that those who simply love to travel will appreciate. Comfortable and efficient are two words that describe the bullet train once its construction is finalized and once its usage is made possible to the public. The increase in cost is definitely compensated through its advanced features and functions.

Shinkansen Bullet Train

Shinkansen Bullet Train

Photo from GoJapan

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