Top Two Best Selling Cars in Japan 2014


honda fit

Honda Fit

With all the great cars out there that created buzzes and hums with their sleek and unmistakably good quality work, the list of cars available can be daunting for a potential buyer. Luckily you found this article, because now your choices will be narrowed down and only best selling cars would be mentioned in here. Early this year the list of cars that sold best in Japan have been made and not surprisingly Toyota is number one in the chart with their Aqua. Toyota Aqua is a hybrid that seats 5 people. The gas tank can hold up to 36 liters. Its dimensions are; 400 cm long and 170 cm in width while also having 145 cm height. It is also available in blue metallic, cool metallic soda, black mica, citrus orange mica metallic, gray metallic, silver metallic, super red V, yellow, lime white pearl crystal shine, and lastly super white II. Personally I would recommend getting the silver metallic and gray metallic if you are looking for a color that is low key but then again if you would like to have a popping color then by all means the colors they offer such as the citrus orange mica metallic are very nice looking colors too. Close to the Toyota Aqua comes Honda’s Fit which sold 121K units compared to the 123k units Toyota Aqua sold in the first half of the year. The Honda Fit is in my opinion the more exciting one of the two, with 3 model choices you can pick in – the Honda Fit LX, Honda Fit EX, Honda Fit EX-L. The three have prices ranging from lowest to highst – LX being lowest in terms of price while the EX-L being the most expensive one. The differences these three have aside from the price are as follows – EX and EX-L having 16 inch alloy wheels while LX only has 15 inches with full cover. All three have continuously variable transmission in sport mode except that EX and EX-L both have an extra dual mode paddle shifters. Honda and Toyota are the two that best sells in Japan and are in no doubt there for a reason.

Toyota Aqua


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