Travel Cheap and Learn about Discounts

The transportation technology of Japan is one of the most impressive in the world. With its beauty and advanced technology, surely there is an issue when it comes to pricing and it definitely won’t come cheap. Whether a tourist or a regular commuter, anyone would want to be able to save and budget their money and prefer cheaper alternatives to travel. Once a commuter understands the basics of railway passes in Japan, since it is quite complex, it would be good to learn about cheap alternatives and discounts.

Just like any metro railway lines, there are single journey tickets and multiple journey tickets. Often, the single fare tickets cost a lot more combined than a single multiple journey ticket for the same amount of destinations. Multiple fare tickets are called IC Cards and these are prepared rechargeable stored value cards that can be used for multiple purposes like trains and buses. Suica, Icoca and eight more major IC cards are available and can be used interchangeably in major cities of Japan. The great thing about it is that these IC cards have increasingly useful functions, like buying in the vending machine, paying for bills in some restaurants and convenience stores. The IC card is actually quite handy.

Another type of pass would be a rail pass which entitles its users to unlimited usage of trains in a designated line or area. If a tourist would be staying a significant length in the city and plan to go on a lot of tours and sightseeing, rail passes are very suitable. It is also suitable for locals that regularly commute through railway and even allows them to skip long lines during rush hours. Japan Rail Pass is the most popular because it gives the best offers and the cheapest deals.

City passes are different from rail passes. These kinds of passes are for unlimited city travel that goes beyond the rail way alternative. It can be used different kinds of transportation like subways, trains, buses and trams. The downside to this is that it can only be useful for one calendar day. Discount ticket shops are also available in Japan. They usually purchase large amounts of discount tickets and re-sell them to shoppers typically about 5% lower than the normal ticket. There are a number of discount ticket shops in near major railway stations.

No matter what kind of transportation, there will always be a cheaper alternative. There are available discounts that can be useful in saving and budgeting.

Ticket Counters in Japan Train stations

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