Travelling by air in Tokyo

One of the nicest and very much the busiest airports (second to Beijing) in asia includes the Japan International Airport. Tokyo being the most populate metropolis in the world due to its alluring travel destination, it is no wonder people from all over the world would want to come see Japan. Tokyo International Airport is Tokyo’s main airport and is also known as the Haneda Airport. Haneda has an extensive list of domestic routes that could go from island to island in Japan. Prices are worth the comfort, the safety, and even the unparalleled service industry of Japan. Speaking of prices, like most airlines, buying tickets would be cheaper. In Haneda Airline’s case it is a 10 percent cheaper air fare than buying two different tickets back and forth. Incentives are given to senior citizens in the airlines in Japan.

Hareda Airport Terminal 2

Haneda Airport Terminal 2


Some concept designs though are being considered now and steadily implemented onto the Haneda International Airport. One is that the traveler’s terminal incorporates the second-floor landing room and the third-floor takeoff campaign, so the station is outfitted with a ticket entryway concourse on the second-floor entry level and stages and ticket doors on the third-floor flight level.

Travelers going to the worldwide terminal from the downtown area will discover the universal traveler terminal’s takeoff campaign on the same floor as the stage they get off at, making the outing from the ticket door to the weigh in counter in one and only moment. There are no stairs, so even those with substantial stuff will have a simpler time.

Aside from that, travelers landing from abroad can go from the global traveler terminal’s second-floor entry hall to the ticket door on the same floor. Climbing one and only floor, they will touch base at the stage where they will need to hold up just 3-5 minutes between trains. A quick way around the area plus the train of the airport itself brings you closer to the city. Something not all airlines in the world can afford and is of great convenience and time saving benefit that I am so thankful for.


Chubu Centrair Airport

Chubu Centrair Airport

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