Girlfriends and Cars

Japan’s MyNavi Woman took an overview asking Japanese ladies which autos they wouldn’t prefer for their sweethearts to drive, and some of their reactions you may discover a bit amazing. “What sort of auto would you detest for your sweetheart to drive?” The top of the list is the Custom car. It took 19.7% of the total respondents. The second on the list would be the Itasha cars which got 8% of the total respondents. The Kei classification of cars got in third place with 7.4% of all the respondents. The fourth place would be the convertible car type with 4.9%. The last on the list would be the lulxury cars with 3.4%.



Custom autos made it to the top as the minimum enjoyed auto among the ladies reviewed. One respondent clarifies what precisely it is she has against redone autos. She doesn’t prefer autos with too much uproarious motors and all that ornamentation. An alternate lady says men who have custom autos are going about as though they’re attempting to look cool, however its simply humiliating. (its almost as humiliating as the Asian women’s fund fiasco) Itasha truly means “painful car.” (because it  is painful to look at) Itasha is a Japanese term for an otaku prevailing fashion of people beautifying the assemblages of their autos with anecdotal characters of anime, manga, or feature amusements. These characters are predominately “adorable” female. The enrichment typically includes paint plans and stickers. Cars are called itasha, while comparable bikes and bikes are called itansha and itachari. Kei auto is a Japanese classification of little vehicles, including traveler autos, microvans, and pickup trucks. They are intended to conform to Japanese government duty and protection regulations, and in most provincial regions are exempted from the prerequisite to guarantee that satisfactory stopping is accessible for the vehicle.


Itasha car

Image from: bestsellingcarblog and OMY blog