The Honda Civic Diesel DTi-S, Hondas Move to Get Back on the Map

The Honda Civic Diesel DTi-S, Hondas Move to Get Back on the Map”

2013 Honda Civic Diesel

                The addition of a diesel engine on the Honda has not only helped the budget of many gas consumers and drivers out there but the addition of several other features have helped put Honda cars back on the map as a worthy competitor despite some of the issues Honda is facing today. The implementation of a program called “Earth Dreams” where Honda aims to achieve an environmentally friendly car without sacrificing any of the enjoyment experienced when driving a truly reliable and powerful car. With the tremendous expertise provided by the team of engineers at Honda one will always have high expectations for the machines that the Japanese car manufacturers pump out each and every time. The new Honda Civic with a diesel engine doesn’t fail to impress. At first glance the cabin and interior is so well designed that leg space will never be an issue and the placings of everything from the odometer to the extra E-con mode as well as many of the modern apps that come equipped with the car such as map navigation and the audio system as well as the Bluetooth have been so well executed it won’t be a surprise if other engineers use this car as a template for inspiration.

The E-con mode as mentioned earlier is a mode that when activated will turn all systems of the Honda Civic into a sort of power saving mode and increase fuel efficiency by a big chunk. Of course though when the systems are in power saving mode one can expect that performance will see a slight decline, similar to what you would witness in your smartphones but the Honda Civic doesn’t sacrifice anything major in hopes of saving gasoline. This combined with the diesel engine is sure to save you more than your fair share of discounts. The noise levels are minimal and unnoticeable whether you’re backing out of the driveway or achieving full acceleration on the highway. The space provided is also amazing in terms of both cabin area and hatch space for cargo, both versatile and spacious giving you the freedom to use it how you wish. With the tempting price tag and incredible value that the new Honda Civic provides it isn’t hard to imagine Honda leading the forefront soon to come.

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