The New Toyota RAV4, Smallest SUV Around

“The New Toyota RAV4, Smallest SUV Around”

Toyota RAV4

                An SUV is always a great choice when looking for a city car because it also has the capabilities of going off road for those hard to reach vacation areas up in the mountains or down in the valleys. SUV’s are almost always equipped with better leg room for the family and better safety functions so that you may find yourself driving for long hours worry free.

The newly released 2013 Toyota RAV4 may possibly be the smallest SUV offered in the market today. While the RAV4 has seem to have gotten smaller overall in its latest updates the interior surprisingly has come up with more room and everyone can always use the extra leg space when on the road. Just like the overall size of the RAV4 the price tag that comes with the car has also gotten smaller which is a great plus when considering on buying a new car. Nothing meets value quite like finding a great price for your needs.

The performance of the RAV4 has seen an incredible increase. Just as you would expect from Toyota, the improvements made from when the RAV4 was initially produced almost 20 years ago is numerous and necessary. The RAv4 is equipped with a better handling system that responds faster to the movements of the driver, this is largely thanks to the adoption of a new torque system and also the latest in Toyotas AWD systems called Dynamic Torque Control. With each corner that the RAV4 turns against the torque normally spent towards the front wheels are reduced and the driver is sure to take note of this improvement. Also the new progressive clutch that the new RAV4 utilizes is more similar to what you would experience in a normal sedan or other city car which is quite impressive considering that the RAV4 is still within the class of an SUV. Upon driving with the RAV4, the diesel engine will be surprisingly quiet and smooth and this can be observed throughout the early levels of acceleration. The RAV4 also brags of a very low fuel consumption estimate because of the diesel engine and manual transmission. The 2013 Toyota RAV4 may just be the smallest SUV you will find but it sacrifices none of the advantages an SUV brings to the table. It’s worth a try when shopping for a worthy city vehicle for your family.

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