The Toyota Corolla, Quality Leading Sales

“The Toyota Corolla, Quality Leading Sales”

2015 Toyota Corolla

                In Australia the Toyota Corolla has become widely popular and practically a mainstream cars for users everywhere. The quality of the Toyota Corolla is so good that the car was first to reach 40,000 sales in a year for the year 2014. This impressive number along with the second placer that is the Toyota Camry which was leading in sales for 21 years in a row puts Toyota in a strong place as the most successful car manufacturer in Australia. Not only in Australia does the Toyota Corolla pose some impressive numbers but it has also been the best-selling middle sized sedan in the US for as long as anyone can remember, decades even.

How is it that the Toyota Corolla has made so much sales and impressed costumers with its performance? It is because of Toyotas careful attention to detail with the interior and exterior design to achieve an athletic look and feel to the car. Also the safer and more efficient standard LED headlights that provide light for a long way down the road and a clear vision the whole time. Most of all though it’s all the adjustments made to the engines and transmission that provide a smooth and quiet reliable performance with the handling and acceleration. Increasing the overall ride performance was not easy but with the expertise of the engineers and technicians at Toyota the Toyota Corolla has seen a vast improvement even considering the fact that the Corolla runs on CVT or continuously variable transmission. When seeking a fuel economic sedan as well shoppers have the choice of an Eco Trim which uses a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine featuring Valvematic, this increases gas mileage and overall fuel economy by a considerable five percent total. Just like all Toyota cars, safety is also a top priority. The Corolla comes equipped with eight standard airbags and stability control as well as an anti-lock braking system. The Corolla also has a very modern touch to it by integrating many apps unto the main system that offer the driver and the passenger’s convenience when on the road. It is indeed not hard to see how the Corolla has gone ahead of all competition in the category of mid-sized sedans with all these impressive stats.

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