Mazda RX-8, Rotary Back in Action

“Mazda RX-8, Rotary Back in Action”

2004 Mazda RX-8

The Mazda RX-8 is a machine unlike any other. Offering drivers everywhere more than enough fun with this supercar has been made possible with the return of the rotary engine. What is a rotary engine? Well folks it is a very old design and style that was thought to have met its end a long time ago. Many manufacturers gave up on the concept of an engine that creates force by a rotary motion, or in simple terms by turning around very fast. Recently though the engineer behind the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda Seiji Tashima has come up with an innovation thatproperly utilizes the rotary engine so that it would not only meet and match the needs of many modern cars out there today but this engine design also improved fuel economy by roughly 20 percent. The impressive design produces a cleaner and more efficient emission from the engine.

The RX-8 produces noise levels so low during acceleration that it is rather tempting to break all known speed limits and see just how fast the car can go. The car offers such great value for money considering that it is a sports car that I just may go out and buy it myself. Unlike many sports cars the RX-8 comes equipped with two back seats, though a little cramped it can fit children comfortably but adults may have to feel rather compartmentalized. On the plus side this proves that sports cars are not just an option for bachelors, new dads everywhere can buy an RX-8 but only until the kids reach a certain age or height. The RX-8 is equipped with so much power that reaching 0 to 60 with the use of its rapid acceleration is made possible with a time of only 6 seconds, just make sure you dnt hit any of the traffic cones on your way to 60. The drive offered by an RX-8 is so smooth and magnificent that it is found unmatched by many of its predecessors and competition out there in the market today. With all the benefits mentioned above the RX-8 proves to be an obvious choice when shopping for a super car with great value.

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The 2015 Toyota Prius, Gas Mileage Heaven for Drivers Everywhere

“The 2015 Toyota Prius, Gas Mileage Heaven for Drivers Everywhere”

2013 Ford C-Max

                One thing that always lingers on every drivers mind when either on the road or off the road is the gas currently available in the gas tank of your car before and after you get to where you need to go. Being equipped with a car that is capable of great gas mileage has become an increasingly important necessity especially in todays’ society. With the recent laws passed down by governments everywhere concerning the environment and how everyone both consumer and manufacturer must play a part in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions, the importance of gas mileage can only grow. None in the industry of car manufacturing can match the current gas mileage as provided by the Toyota Prius.

The sixth model remake of the famous Toyota Prius has barely seen any changes when comparing it to the last make of the same model. The Prius is unmatched when it comes to gas mileage and will make every last liter of gas available count towards the long run. This amazing reliability in gas mileage is made possible with the unique engine that the Japanese car manufacturers have recently come to use called a hybrid engine. The Toyota Prius utilizes what is called as the Hybrid Synergy Drive System, this system is what decides how the vehicle will be powered when on the road. The hybrid engine powers the car using both an electric battery and the gasoline. The electric capabilities of the car ensure that no energy used when burning the gas is wasted by re-using that same energy that would have otherwise been neglected on a normal engine.

Unfortunately though the Toyota Prius comes with a set of disadvantages as well. To create an economic and price friendly vehicle the plastics used in the interior may feel cheap, the interior still looks amazing though and the space provided in this hatchback car is almost on par with SUV’s. The cargo space is also similar to what you can get from a large SUV. The performance still has much to answer for when concerned with the braking and acceleration but nothing too major is sacrificed. Overall the Prius may just be your answer to all your gas problems and supporting this kind of system can only mean good things for our environment and wallets in the future.

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Mitsubishi 3000GT, Letting Everyone Have the Taste of a Genuine Sports Car

“Mitsubishi 3000GT, Letting Everyone Have the Taste of a Genuine Sports Car”

                The Mitsubishi 3000GT was a car that helped even the grounds for everyone during the 90’s and early 20th century. It allowed the middle class income to join the ranks of sports car that are usually only made available to the rich and famous that have put themselves in apposition to afford great and expensive sports cars. The Mitsubishi 3000GT offered everyone intense performance, a beautiful sports aesthetic, extravagant luxury and all this at a low price! When we say low price we mean low price. The 3000GT was offered at prices you would normally find a notch above a fair deal for a city cruising sedan. This car allowed many to enter the ranks of sports cars and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The engine is boosted by twin superchargers each of which is equipped with its own cooler that allowed the GT to accelerate on fields with the capacity of going toe to toe with even the luxury Ferraris of the time. A permanent 4 wheel drive along with unmatched aerodynamics as expected of great sports cars everywhere and computer controlled active suspension only hoped to solidify the GT in the ranks of the world great sports cars in terms of gargantuan power. The engine boasts of a 3.0 litre V6 that boasts of double overhead camshafts. The comfort and ease of which passenger and driver can enter is just like you would expect of a sports car. Since the car is so closely embedded to the ground one has to really reach in when entering and will also find difficulty when exiting the vehicle. Leg room is fine but expect to have a hard time if you’re quite the tall man since head room is limited to keep the car strict with aerodynamic capabilities.

By creating this magnificent car Japanese manufacturers made a statement to the world everywhere that they can also keep up with luxury and super enhanced sports cars just as well as the Europeans had. Entering the market of super cars, Mitsubishi was able to match and at times outclass many of the European competitors.

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The Mazda CX-5, an SUV worth looking at

“The Mazda CX-5, an SUV worth looking at”

Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv Diesel

                What is an SUV and how has it become so popular among many car shoppers today? An SUV was originally designed to be an off-road vehicle capable of carrying heavy loads through far distances. Car manufacturers have made it available as a city vehicle as well providing many of the benefits that were originally there. Some advantages that an SUV offers are the spacious leg room with a high seating capacity of 5-7 people. Carrying more people across farther distances and doing so with more than enough comfortable leg room has attracted much of the consumers today. Another advantage would be the safety benefits that an SUV can provide, with more features designed from off-road capabilities that have been integrated unto a city vehicle an SUV is more than capable of keeping the family or a group of friends safe from any possible accidents.

A truly worthy SUV that is available in the market today would be the Mazda CX-5. After the mistakes made from the manufacturers with the Mazda CX-7 concerning a bad mix of transmissions along with the engines the CX-5 has answered all those calls and improved upon the original design. The CX-5 is available as a 5-seater with more than enough leg room to stretch out and take a nap. The CX-5 is the first model to utilize the full Skyactiv engine technology and it comes with a fantastic and tempting price tag when compared to many of the other SUV’s offered in the current market. The problem with the original design of the CX-5 was the fast consumption of gasoline that the car burned through in a single day. Mazda also had an answer for this when they released a version of the CX-5 with a Diesel engine. To think that the addition of an engine capable of driving on diesel would have made such a huge difference is unthinkable. Not only did they answer the issues concerning gas mileage but they sacrificed none of the performance offered by the original CX-5 still utilizing the famous Skyactiv technology in their engines. Taking this model of an SUV known as the CX-5 out for a drive is definitely worth the time and the minimal noise levels offered by the diesel engine on this spacious SUX will captivate you right away.

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Suzuki as of late dispatched the “Every” van – the Japanese auto producer’s first invasion into battery-fueled transportation. Suzuki is playing it safe, notwithstanding; just 13 of the module Every vans have been produced. These 13 electric vehicles will be sent to Suzuki dealerships crosswise over Japan with the objective of get-together genuine driving information before Suzuki produces the Every for mass utilization.

The Suzuki Every is an electric variant of the Suzuki Carry Van, a well known minivan-style vehicle utilized for business and agrarian purposes in Japan. Albeit 400 pounds heavier, the Every mirrors the Carry Van’s conservative size, simple mobility and resemblance to an air terminal shuttle transport. It has a load limit of 500 pounds and works on high-limit lithium particle batteries that can be completely charged in 5 hours. At full charge, the Every has a greatest scope of 62 miles, which, as per Integrity Reports, is an average reach for urban business and conveyance vehicles in Japan.

Suzuki Every van, and the Japanese group drove it a great 807 miles (1,300 km) on a solitary charge!this was attained by a group of four drivers, including 64-year-old Kenjiro Shinozuka, on a 25 km course in the Village of Ogata, which is in the Akita Prefecture. The four drivers every alternated at driving, driving at a normal rate of 30 km/h (18 mph).

Suzuki has arrangements to open its Next Generation Environmental Vehicle Technology advancement focus in August 2016, and information assembled through the Every trials ought to be helpful in this respect. In any case, while Suzuki may be feeling that steady minded individuals will win in the end, early starters like Mitsubishi and Nissan are just going to enhance and refine their own particular EV slashes. Suzuki would do well to dispatch its electric Every van to the masses sooner as opposed to later.

The electric Every EV comes fitted with a lithium-particle battery pack that can be energized in five hours and gives up to 62 miles of range, all that anyone could need for a normal conveyance vehicle in Japan. Going electric means the Every additions 441 pounds over the gas-energized model, however the heap limit stays unaltered at 551 pounds. At this point, there’s no sign that Suzuki will mass-deliver the electric Every, except who truly knows what’s on the horizon?

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Toyota Cressida Grande 1991

“Toyota Cressida Grande 1991, Truly Remarkable Piece of Toyota History”

Toyota Cressida Grand Car Reviews

                When purchasing a car there are countless things to consider. While some would look for luxury and comfort when making their purchase at the local dealer, almost everyone would look for great value. What factors decide whether a car can meet the expectations of the buyer in terms of great value? Some common attributes of the car would be gas mileage, maintenance price, how often the car must be serviced and availability of parts at local stores. During the late 80’s and early 90’s the Japanese automobile manufacturer known as Toyota were impressing their customers with the unbeatable value that the Toyota Cressida Grande had to offer. This particular make of car model went through a few remakes with the latest one having come out during 1991. Why can Toyota safely say that they have impressed their customers with such a car? The Toyota Cressida Grande offered an outstanding 500,000 miles for the expected lifetime of the reliable engine that the car is built with. The Toyota Cressida Grande offers spacious and comfortable leg room for the passengers at the front while beaing able to hold a capacity of 4 maximum people for the whole car, but 5 should be possible if you decide you ever feel the need to squeeze in one more.

The Cressida is equipped with a reliable and smooth, yet powerful DOHC multi-valve in line 3.0 litre six-cylinder engine. This will power the vehicle through the rear wheels along a four speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately though there are no manual transmission models for this make of Toyota. That shouldn’t be a problem though when concerning yourself with the ease of which you can drive. At cruising speeds when on the highway the Cressida is a very relaxing automobile, when deciding to increase the throttle to full capabilities though the car tends to create a bit of noise. Overall though there are no sacrifices in the performance. When going for either a short drive to the mall with friends or on a long road trip to a relaxing vacation spot the Toyota Cressida Grande is a very reliable automobile to consider during the late 80’s and early 90’s and it isn’t hard to see how the Toyota has created such a strong trademark with vehicles such as this.

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Family Van

There are two standards you can go for in outlining an auto. One is an incredible vehicle, quickening, turning, and braking with pace and exactness. The other is an incredible living or lodging room, with jazzy inner part arrangements and extensive seating.

The holder of this van is clearly in the second camp, and has changed his ride with the goal that it doesn’t look anything like an auto within, yet rather a Japanese hotel on wheels. The floor boards are secured with tatami (a sort of mat normally utilized as a deck material) reed mats. With respect to the light, this originates from a wood-surrounded roof light and the van even offers a tokonoma corner. The last is a Japanese term by and large alluding to an implicit recessed space in a conventional style banquet hall, in which things for creative gratefulness are shown. It’s what you’d call anteroom in English. The extent that we can tell from the feature, there’s even a painting hanging there.

Higuti Itio cases to utilize the van as a trailer, as he goes around Japan. This is the reason the auto is talented with a sufficient storage room space, an opening for a table and a richly planned sink. The length of you wouldn’t fret the melody playing out of sight, you ought to look at the feature beneath to take a superior perspective.

As indicated in a feature transferred by Youtube client Higuti Itio, this one of a kind auto began as aone-box kei, a class of super-reduced van that is well known in Japan. Notwithstanding its small outside measurements, evacuating the back column of seats has made his kei auto unbelievably large, both in that it has a lot of space and is presently basically a room you’d find in a conventional Japanese house.

The floor boards are secured with tatami (a sort of mat normally utilized as a ground surface material) reed mats. Concerning the brightening, this originates from a wood-surrounded roof light and the van even offers a tokonoma corner. The last is a Japanese term for the most part alluding to an implicit recessed space in a customary style banquet hall, in which things for aesthetic gratefulness are shown. It’s what you’d call recess in English. The extent that we can tell from the feature, there’s even a painting hanging there.

Higuti Itio cases to utilize the van as a trailer, as he goes around Japan. This is the reason the auto is skilled with an adequate storage room space, an opening for a table and a carefully composed sink. The length of you wouldn’t fret the tune playing out of sight, you ought to look at the feature underneath to take a superior perspective. Extending and resting in the back. All things considered, the auto is furnished with such common enjoyments as plentiful wardrobe space, an opening for a table, and even an exquisitely composed sink.

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Transparent Car

Analysts in Japan have manufactured a framework that gives drivers a 360-perspective of their general surroundings. The framework isn’t only for security, it makes driving cooler, as well.

For some time now, expanded reality has had all the earmarks of being nearly an achievement into this present reality, with models and examinations indicating huge potential for particular utilization cases. Adding to that rundown is another sample that demonstrates an amazing wellbeing application for drivers.

A recent IEEE Spectrum report subtle elements a framework that uses expanded reality to make the fantasy of a straightforward auto, permitting drivers to see individuals and questions in the street that may be waiting in blind sides.

Made by educators Susumo Tachi and Masahiko Inami and Phd competitor Yuji Uema at the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio Univeristy in Japan, the framework includes cams fitted on the outside of the auto that encourage feature to projectors found within. The feature is anticipated onto an arrangement of mirrors, which show the live nourish from the outside of the auto onto the inner part of the seats and avenues to give a perspective of the space straightforwardly on the other side. So when drivers look retrogressive while driving in converse, for instance, no doubt as though the whole back of the auto is one goliath windshield, demonstrating all items or individuals behind the back guard.

They made a straightforward Toyota Prius utilizing a machine associated with an arrangement of half mirrors, projectors, and amazingly splendid retro-intelligent dots. Light from the projectors enters the globules and gets to be twisted. The dots then unbend the light and send the picture once more to the driver. The result is an agreeable, straight perspective of everything going ahead around the auto.

The pair portray various uses for the framework past cars, including anticipating MRI examines onto patients amid surgery or giving inside rooms an outside perspective without windows. For drivers, they say these basic advances are accessible today and can be actualized in any auto. It could change the method for how individuals drive as we know it.

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Pokemon Porte



Pokemon has been around for a long while now (in fact it has been 26 years since it debuted with the creator as Satoshi Tajiri) and has started from a video game. Pokemon made waves that it has even been labelled as the world’s second most successful video game based franchise with Pokemons beginning to appear in anime (this is where things got really serious, the world was hooked), comics, toys (we all had those toys, one time I even got a Pokemon toy from an ice cream container), and so many others that helped make Pokemon a huge success. It has left such an impact on the world that to this day and age it would not be a surprise to see Pokemon inspired works out in the open for commercial use. Maybe you could name quite a list of things that could be Pokemon inspired at the top of your head but does that list have a Pikachu car in it? This is not a common sight amongst us but still it exists! The Pikachu car has been realized last two years ago in the year 2012 in the international exhibition center in the month of June and as expected, people loved it – including yours truly. The car is formally called Pikachu Toyota Porte and is as adorable as can be with Pikachu’s ears sticking out from the roof, with head lights as Pikachu’s eyes, Pikachu’s mouth on the board up front, Pikachu’s lightning shaped tail at the back door, and of course the iconic two red circles on Pikachu’s cheeks just beside the mouth. Not that people would not even recognize it but on the sides of Pikachu Toyota Porte is the logo of Pokemon. It is just too much to take in, I am just hoping they would make more Pokemon themed cars in the future for the Pokemon fans out there because we just gotta drive ‘em all. Pikachu being the most popular among the not just one Pokemon car design concepts (yes Pikachu is not alone), other Pokemons were also picked to become part of this Pokemon car line such as Mijyumaru.



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Camette – Teaching Car


With all the concept cars out there that puts us on the edge of our seat with all that classy geometric lines and flattering curves, Toyota has all that and it also has something else. That is a family oriented car concept that aims to teach children how to drive. Sound crazy? Because it is and you might want to know Toyota has also invited children to come customize and learn about the wonderful world of cars that used to be a thing for adults only. Makes me want to go back to being a kid and join this huge privilege. *sigh* But let us face it, those days are never coming back then again we too have a future of awesome cars that we are privileged to be able to see. Just look at the concept cars big car companies are producing. But enough about that, back to the kid car concept; they call it Camatte and it is awesome. Camatte has two models; the Camatte Sora and Camatte Daichi. Sora meaning sky earth. As you can tell the Japanese are pretty environmental with their names if you remember their concept car Kazamai (which means swirling crosswinds) and Kiyora (clean and poor). It makes you want to embrace such a lovely culture. Anyways, the Camatte concept is still in progress and is a wacky yet nice idea for families to come together and try. Camatte is special because it is highly customizable with more than enough colors to pick from and parts that can be changed. Parents can also fit in there, with adjustable seats and space saving attributes a parent can coach a child to drive in a Camatte making this an even cooler and nicer car to have. Pedals and seats are also adjustable to give way to different sizes of kids. To think about it back when I was a kid I would never have imagined this kind of phenomenon would ever happen for kids, and it also shows a glimpse of what the future would look like and it sure looks bright and sunny to me.



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